Due to Adrian Swain's present circumstances we will be giving him a helping hand by taking a limited number of "0" Gauge abs wagon kits to New Milton & Telford.

If anyone requires a specific abs wagon kit or any other abs product please contact us using detail below.


A new addition to the MagClic range is the ingenious MagClic Swing, invented by Kevin Trim of Dorset Kits. First shown at the Bristol "O" Gauge Show this MagClic is fitted to the loco (in most circumstances it replaces the existing coupling).  The other half of the Swing is fitted to the first coach or wagon in the rake, when the two come together the magnets Swing up and lock.  Alternatively the operator can use the two coupling hooks manually as normal.  The MagClic Swing is priced at £8.00 a pair and M&M Models have a purpose built demo for shows with all three MagClics covered.

For those that dont believe in
Magic, see video below for slight of one hand



The original MagClic is sold in pairs
£7.50 a pack or £35 for 5 pair.  And the adaptor is availble at £5.00 a pair.

Please allow 2-3 weeks minimum for delivery this IS DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND



On the whole the feedback for the original MagClic so far has been good however there has

been some difficulty fitting them to Heljan coaches,

to help you with this CLICK HERE