"0" Gauge Hopper Wagons

The colour code dot by the wagon name indicates the degree of difficulty. See below.

  Green - Low

  Yellow - Medium 

   Red – High 


These levels have been set by our builders as a guide. 

They are in no way binding. 

This helps the modeller choose which kit fits their ability.

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Wagons 046 Burlesdon MT104 039 Coke Hopper (Jary) 001 Br Coke Fog1 LBR Coke Fogg
MKD1 21T Coal Hopper Rivetted
MKD2 21T Coal Hopper Welded
MKD3 Coke Hopper LMS
MKD3 Coke Hopper B.R.
MKD3 Coke Hopper LBR
Dutta Dogfish 1 Wagons 048 Angular Presflo 2 Presflo Rounded 1 HTV Rake
24T Dogfish Ballast Hopper  
19T Catfish Ballast Hopper 
20T Presflo Cement Hopper (Angular)  
20T Presflo Cement Hopper (Rounded) 
HTV/HTO Hopper 
  20130827_194657   20170312_165410  
  Presflo Flyash Hopper
  "NEW" 20T Grain Hopper