"0" Gauge B.R. Wagons

The colour code dot by the wagon name indicates the degree of difficulty. See below.

  Green - Low

  Yellow - Medium 

   Red – High 


These levels have been set by our builders as a guide. 
They are in no way binding.  This helps the modeller choose which kit fits their ability.


Indicates Poppys Insert With Kit.

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WW01 B.R Brake Van w Poppys B.R Conflat "A" WW03e 12T Eight Shoe Pipe Wagon w Poppys WW03f 12T Four Shoe Pipe Wagon w Poppys WW04 25T Lowmac Wagon (2) BB E Pic 3 w Poppys
WW01 B.R.
Brake Van 
WW02  Conflat "A"
+ Container
WW03f  4 Shoe
8 Shoe Pipe      
WW04 Lowmac
Bogie "E"
  WW06e 21T Eight Shoe Mineral Wagon (2) WW06F 21T Mineral Wagon WW07 B.R Medfit w Poppys WW08 B.R Bogie Bolster C Fitted  w Poppys  
  WW06f Four Shoe
21T Mineral 
WW06e Eight Shoe
21T Mineral
WW07 Medfit
WW08 Bogie Bolster
"C" Fitted
B.R. Bogie Bolster C Unfitted w Poppys B.R. Hybar w Poppys WW11 B.R (2) WW12 B.R 2/4 Shoe 16T Mineral 8 Shoe 16t Mineral
WW09 Bogie Bolster
"C" Unfitted
WW10 Hybar
Plywood Van
Planked Van
WW13f Two / Four
Shoe 16T Mineral
WW13e Eight Shoe 16T Mineral
  Vanwide 5 Plank Open w Poppys 8 Shoe B.R. 13t Steel Open w Poppys 4 Shoe B.R. 13t Steel Open w Poppys  
WW15 Five
Plank Open
WW16f Four Shoe Steel Open WW16e Eight Shoe
Steel Open
     Conflat B Birdseye    
    WW17 Conflat "B"
Plus Containers